The Kyley


I invented the Kyley way back in 1984 and hurriedly tied a couple up to try on a trip to the Kyle of Sutherland the following morning. It turned out to be an instant success for me as I landed four salmon and lost one other on it’s first outing. So the fly had a name - Kyley, after the Kyle of Sutherland.

Now 26 years later I use it almost exclusively - tied as a shrimp or original pattern, as a tube in all manner of sizes. The only other pattern I use is the Collie dog. So my approach to salmon fishing with regards to what is at the business end of my line could not be more simple, no need to agonize over patterns of fly.

The Kyley has proved to be invaluable for me, having lured the vast majority of the salmon I have landed, which now stands at 988, just 12 short of 1000. The Kyley has proved successful in North America, Norway, Iceland and Russia, and has of course been very successful in Scotland.