Three days on Tyne at Bywell


I had a trip down to the River Tyne to fish at Bywell i fished the three days from Monday 16th.September it was a really enjoyable three days the company the food and of course fishing the lovely pools on the Bywell beat, All to no avail as the fishing has been desperately poor this season and so it continued this week and proved to be very very hard going and I ended blank and nothing was caught for the three days i was fishing, i did have three pulls which indicates how poor things were when you pulled a fish it was a talking point.

I had text from John Simm Ghillie to say the party caught one salmon on the Friday, not great for a week with five rods. When i was down i sympathised with the Ghillies Garry and John as i know exactly how it feels when the fishing is tough. A big difference from when i was down two years ago fishing bywell and i had a marvelous three days landing 8 salmon to my own rod the biggest being 20lb,18lb,14lb,12lb,12lb, absolutely brilliant, SO i hope things pick up for Garry and John.

My first from Kyle


Mon 26th. I fished the Kyle at the Craggan on Monday and Tuesday for a couple of half tides and fished Wednesday and Thursday for an hour each Thats as long as i stuck it out as the wind was very strong with big  waves coming down the Maikle pool and heavy showers of rain. I managed to get a fresh 6lb grilse on the Monday i pulled it on the previous run through and assume it was same fish took in exact same spot. Very pleased but only saw three salmon in approx 10 hours a bit alarming !!