Fishing over on Gledfield beat


The Gledfield beat was let for the first three days of the week beginning Monday May 27th. and was blank. Calum gave me a shout and  I went across and  fished the Gledfield beat the second half of the week Thursday 30th Friday & Saturday.

Thur 30th.The water level was showing 4 inch Allan Donaldson landed a 7lb salmon in the Little falls pool.

Fri 31st.  Very welcome heavy overnight rain put the river up to 2ft 4 inch. Allan Donaldson  got off the mark landing an 9lb salmon in the Gledfield pool, Allan followed up with an 8lb salmon in the Gledfield pool this salmon had very bad seal damage to its rear flank.

Allan caught a 9lb salmon in the Bridge pool. Allan came back up to the Gledfield pool and had a real cracker in the Gledfield at 16lbs. Allan rounded off a very good morning landing a 9lb salmon in the McGregor pool, all the salmon were sea liced with three carrying long tailed sea liced, the big one and the seal damaged salmon were carrying small lice.

I prefer it now at this time if the salmon are carrying a few or no sea lice at all as it means they have taken two days or longer to come just under 2 miles from the tide, a journey they could make in approx 45 minutes if they wanted to so spending a longer time traveling in and through our beat.  All 5 Salmon were landed before mid day along with one salmon that was lost in the Gledfield pool, That’s salmon fishing for you as i never touched a thing in the afternoon.

Sat 1st June. Fairly continuous rain on Thursday put the river level up again The river was up to 2ft 5. and dropped back quicker than yesterday. I fished the morning till 13.00hrs and managed to land a really nice shaped 12 pounder in the McGregor pool.

Allan very briefly had a salmon  on and off in the Gledfield pool. Interestingly and worrying is the sighting of diseased salmon this early and this low down the river the cornhill rods spotted a dead salmon fresh silver but with disease in the McKenzie pool, and a diseased salmon was seen last week in the Clump pool, and as i was playing a salmon in the Gledfield pool it was accompanied at times by a small heavily diseased salmon of about 7lbs obviously attracted by the movement of the hooked salmon. Next day their was also a bigger salmon of approx 10lbs diseased also in Gledfield pool. I was pleased with my busman’s holiday across the water at Gledfield landing 7 salmon.

Grahams first of the season & 8 pounder in Kennel run

Saturday May 25th Graham Grant was delighted to land his first salmon of the season an 8 pounder from the Little falls pool on the Gledfield beat the water level was 6 inch.  On the Thursday 23rd Allan Donaldson landed an 8 pounder in the Kennel run on the Gledfield beat Allan also lost a salmon in the Gledfield run the water level was 1 ft 8 inch.

Graham has been struggling this season with a very painful shoulder so this helped cheer him up, Having back problems myself i know how frustrating it can be.