Early morning


The water level on Monday 13th May was 3 inches and was destined to drop with the forecast of no serious rain and Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday to be particularly warm.

With this in mind i headed over very early Monday and Tuesday morning to the Gledfield beat as Calum had let me know the beat was un let for the week, I was delighted to land an 8lb salmon covered in long tailed sea lice very early on Monday morning in the Little falls pool and followed up on Tuesday landing a 7 lb salmon that was absolutely plastered in long tailed lice in the Deep run. i was delighted with my fishing effort of an hour the first day and an hour and a half on the Tuesday i did move another salmon to the fly on the Monday, That was the extent of my fishing for the week on Gledfield one Salmon fell to a Collie dog the other to a small hitch tube.

I was up fishing the Lower River Brora on Thursday i was invited up for the day by Peter Rea, It was very bright and the Brora was very low although not as low as the Carron  my only action of the day was when I managed to rise a salmon to the fly in the very head of Bengie pool. Thanks to Peter for the day and Christine for Lunch.