ITS A HARD LIFE

Chris Higham contacted me to say he has just came back from a trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and i thought it was pretty hard going fishing in the spring in the north of Scotland which should really be called Winter fishing, but here is Chris just after landing a big Wahoo on a hand line  No doubt Chris had just put down his pint of Pina colada, Well done Chris and hoping when you are up fishing with us at end of April the weather is more inclement so you wont be wearing the same gear. look forward to catching up with you at the end of April.

                                                  GOOD DAY FOR CALUM

My Great pal Calum Beattie had a good day on Tuesday 12th March, Calum had an invite up to beat 3 on the River Helmsdale and landed an 11lb salmon then came back to his own beat and in early evening landed a 12lb salmon in the Gledfield pool both salmon were sea liced

                                                               Good week at Cornhill  5 Springers

                                       Week beginning March 4th see catch reports page for details.

March Cornhill beats second Springer


Mon 4th.After last weeks low water which saw the river running at 6 inch last Monday down to 4 inch on Friday. With heavy showers on Sunday evening On Monday morning the river was up and showing 1ft 4 inch on the gauge, I started fishing at 09.00 hrs at the Clump pool and was absolutely delighted to have a springer netted and released by 09.20 the salmon was carrying quite a lot of sea lice and after giving a very good account of its self the springer  was landed and estimated at 8lbs it was taken on a big Collie dog.


It is considerably colder today after the recent extremely mild weather and we also had a strong gusty wind to contend with.