First Springer off Cornhill February 18th 2019


February 20th.This is photo of Gledfield beats first salmon of the season Calum Beattie caught the sea liced 7 lb springer in the Gledfield pool on Wednesday 20th of February.


February 18th. I fished the Cornhill beat today the river was running at 1foot and it was bright with sunshine and showers although not as warm as was forecast but still pretty mild for this time of year. I touched nothing at all until i fished the Lairds cast where i hooked into a fresh springer i played it for approx 3 or 4 minutes before it unfortunately threw the hook, in the bright sunshine i could see it was spanking fresh and about 7lbs and was in the exact same lie that i very briefly pulled a fish on and off last Wednesday so who knows ?

An hour later 14.40 down at the Raven pool i hooked into another springer and i was absolutely delighted when this one was safely netted a lovely fresh springer of about 8lbs it was not carrying sea lice  but they were not long off, both salmon were taken on a Collie dog. I heard yesterday Invercharron beat had a fresh 6 pounder on Friday 15th feb.

 The first fish off the cornhill beat in the last few seasons have been on Feb19th.Feb21st.Feb17th.Mar6th.Feb10th.Mar8th.Feb17th.Feb25th.