2019 Salmon Fishing Season


February 12 th.We had a lot of rain Friday 8th Feb and a quick upwards rise in temperatures and subsequently the river rose quicky and we had a big river on Saturday 9th Feb of approx 8 ft.

February 4th   We are still going through this very cold spell and we have a good covering of snow on the mountains and hills down to a fairly low level, This week it is forecast to be warmer particularly the second half of the week so we will see if we start getting some snow melt and the  river going up a bit. Not great conditions  river banks extremely slippery with rain falling and freezing immediately on the paths, I have been doing some bush cutting if i had been fishing it would be safer doing it wading in the river.

January 20th We are now nine days into the new 2019 salmon fishing season, i had my usual opening day pilgrimage to the river to wet a line on the opening day more of a superstition than anything. This year the 11th January fell on a friday it was cold and over cast with just 6 inches registering on the gauge I gave a few pools a quick cast and had a nice walk down the beat and had a lovely Whiskey Mac ( whiskey and ginger ) sitting at the Little falls pool. In all the years i have fished for springers i have only ever had one January salmon 13 years ago now on January 19th 2006 a 7.5lb springer plastered in sea lice in the Gledfield pool just eight days after the season started i still live in hope of repeating it.

Then a walk back up the beat and back home, we then had a fall of snow on Wednesday 16th. It has turned much colder around minus 5 or 6 overnight and the snow is still with us.