My 1.500 hundredth salmon caught on 28th September


An update now that the 2018 season has ended I have had time to reflect on my own fishing season, it was a pretty strange season mainly due to the effects on river and fishing conditions that the weather had. In the early spring and through out the summer, we had both ends of the weather spectrum very cold with snow and snow melt water in the spring and basically a long very dry period of approx 10 weeks throughout the summer with the odd slight rise but no significant rain with periods of very high temperatures. On Feb 19th i managed to land a fresh 9lb salmon in the McKenzie pool this was the first salmon off the River Carron and the second salmon caught on the kyle rivers. I was plagued with terrible back pain throughout the season that was chronic throughout June July and August, I managed 24 springers in a couple of superb weeks fishing in the spring, the spring fish were in very good condition and in general were of the usual average size. Thanks to a truly very generous invite i had a superb fishing holiday in Iceland at the end of July. I was pleased with the salmon i had from the Kyle considering the limited amount of times i fished it. I managed a couple of big salmon during the last week of the season at 20lbs and 22lbs just to round off the season it was noticeable  that there were more big salmon coming into the river just as the grilse runs were ending and as the weather broke and we began to get more frequent rain these big salmon continued to come in through till the end of the season, In fact last week i had a walk down river at Cornhill and saw a very big salmon of at least 25lbs show in the Gledfield pool it was only slightly coloured 4 weeks after the season closed!

My total seasons total was  Salmon 51 Grilse 26 Giving me a total of 77 I was absolutely delighted with my 76th Salmon a 9lb salmon caught in the March pool on September 28th as it turned out to be my 1.500 hundredth salmon in my fishing lifetime.  When the really low water took  hold back in June the river dropped very quickly and it was accompanied by very high temperatures on the fourth day after the river had dropped i spotted five salmon lying at the very head of the McKenzie pool they were not their the night before when i spotted them they stayed their most of the day till the warmest brightest part of the day had passed before they moved on, I am a great believer that the salmon know what the weather conditions ahead will be and act accordingly and they ran in on the bare bones of the river and moved on upstream, that was the forerunner to a spell of very warm weather and the river dropped quite a bit lower. An update for the Cornhill beat is that the most productive pool on the Cornhill beat was McKenzie pool, followed by March pool, then on equal status was Lairds cast, Clump pool, & McGregor pool.   I reluctantly came to the conclusion my back problem was being aggravated by fishing so I can only hope that over the closed season it will greatly improve