I am just back from spending a wonderful weeks fishing in Iceland We fished on the Stora Laxa and then the west Ranga. It was all thanks to Adam Shaw  Jamie Parratt & James Appleton Metcalfe, and their unbelievable generosity and kindness in laying everything on to make it the most marvellous experience. It started on a high and simply got better we flew out to and back from  Iceland on a private jet, Seamus and Shane Teague made up the rest of the party, The other integral part of the party was Oli. & Dagur the two guides who stayed with us on the StoraLaxa and then came back with us to their home river the West Ranga, where a third guide Jan joined us.

I have a mountain of photos and stories of the trip so this will  be added to and up dated ad infinitum we all had great sport and great fun special mention to Shane who had not caught a salmon before who caught 3 salmon on his first two days on the Stora.

 My back problem re surfaced and i lost an afternoon and an evenings fishing very very frustrating on a trip of a lifetime, so many memorable  moments on the Stora one evening hooked a salmon and two grilse in a twenty yard stretch of the magnificent Gvendardrattur pool landing one losing one and almost beaching another  as Jamie ran up to give assistance it slid off the hook almost on the beach.

 Their was always a bit of action going on, as i fished the big nose pool i looked back up to the head of the pool to see Jamie playing a grilse. Over to the Ranga and first morning I hooked and played a cracker in the bottom pool fresh as a daisy  it was within seconds of being in the guides net and it threw the hook and was off Jan said 90 cnm  which would equate to my own estimate of approx 18lbs i proceeded to hook and lose another good one minutes later of 12 to 14lb. the rest of the week we all landed fish and also lost quite a few we did see a really good run of salmon coming into and through the prolific Home pool.

I had a lovely evening session hooking five in the Hellisey pool landing two and losing a good fish of up about 18lbs it had been showing regularly around the submerged rock, Adam who was fishing below me on the Rangarbakki came up and went in and immediately hooked into a real good fish.

The stories and laughs over dinner were memorable, the drinks and jokes on the Verandah sometimes at well after 1.00 am was brilliant the anticipation of the coming day over breakfast and what a breakfast and what a beautiful setting looking out over the prolific Home pool and the volcanoes beyond.