First Salmon at Cornhill beat


I am really delighted to report that i managed to land a lovely fresh 9 lb salmon  in the McKenzie pool on the Cornhill beat on Monday 19th February at approx 11.30hrs  the water level was 1ft 8 inch and rising slowly at first with snow melt. The salmon was very fresh with no sea lice a guesstimate would be that it’s been in the river about a week which is good i quite like the fact the salmon are not sea liced very early in season as they are liable to creep through the beat if the guesstimate was about right the salmon took approx 7 days to travel to the McKenzie pool which is approx 2 miles from the estuary, bearing in mind when the water temperature heats up a salmon running hard straight off the tide could be right through our beat in 45 minutes  pretty much walking speed.

I managed to slip at the Clump pool and went over my welly boots and got soaked almost went home to change i am glad did not and carried on down to the McKenzie pool ! This is the first salmon off the Carron, the only other fish so far this season off the Kyle Rivers is I  heard  that the River Oykel had a salmon back in January.

I fished with Calum over on the Gledfield beat in the afternoon would have been great to get a double one from each bank but it was not to be and by late afternoon the river was rising quite quickly with the snow melt from the warmest time of the day now reaching the bottom of the river..


On Tuesday the 20th i am delighted to report my great pal Callum across the river at Gledfield picked up the second fish off the Carron and Gledfield’s first when he landed a 7lb salmon in the Gledfield pool, again the salmon was not carrying sea lice, later the same day Callum lost a springer almost at the net also in the Gledfield pool.

On the Thursday morning the 22nd February Allan Donaldson hooked and played a fresh springer in the Raven pool for 3 or 4 minutes before it threw the hook. The water level dropped each day with the weather becoming much colder again with pretty hard over night frosts Friday 23rd river down to 7 inch and dropping. So we had a little flurry of activity in our pools with fresh salmon before we lost the water.

Adam Shaw & party in Iceland


A great friend Adam Shaw sent me some photos of their trip to the River Ranga in Iceland last season when they had a superb week. It is great to see them all together they are a great bunch of lads and we had some great fun times when we all got together and i ghillied for them at Amat

These photos will also be in the gallery Salmon fishing abroad. also click on link below for excellent video of their trip to the West Ranga.