The start of salmon season 2018


I went over to Cornhill for a cast on Thursday the 11th of January the usual first day pilgrimage on the opening day of the salmon fishing season in Scotland. The river was well frozen around the edges and the bays and the slower moving water was quite ice bound with grue constantly coming down through the open streamy water, I had a few casts and a blether and a dram with Graham McPherson who had came down river for a walk this was just as the last snow fall was almost gone.

No sooner had it gone when on Sunday 14th we would have a bigger fall of snow which was to be topped up over the week it lasted all week till Monday the 22nd when a fairly rapid thaw began since then the river has been running very big with today Wednesday the 24th with very heavy rain adding to the snow melt we have the biggest spate so far. When the water level subsides i will have a go and give the pools a run through, last year i managed the first salmon off any of the Kyle rivers on 21st February and followed up with another on February 24th so plenty time.