Three days on River Tyne


Mon.Sept 18th. I started out my three day trip to the Bywell beat of the River Tyne today on the upper beat and was allocated for the morning the Bridge, and Pipeline pools,  Not far down the Bridge pool i hooked a good strong fish that after playing strong and hard in the tail of the Bridge pool it ran down into the Pipeline. Terry the Ghillie arrived and the a beautiful 18 pounder was landed what a start!

Half an hour later i landed a 6 pounder just a little further down the Bridge, I very briefly hooked a salmon in the Pipeline, and saw a really good salmon show regularly in the Pipeline just off the tail of the Island in the Pipeline pool, In the afternoon i was taken down and shown Meg’s mill pool a lovely glide type piece of water with a large submerged rock in the pool which formed a focal point for a number of the salmon which showed beside above, and to the far side of it although at times salmon showed well across towards the far bank and further back in the tail. I managed to hook a heavy feeling salmon which i played for a couple of minutes before it cart wheeled on top of the water and was gone, i moved another salmon before i had another solid take further across and down the pool this one was landed a lovely deep 14lb hen.

Tue. Sept 19th. I started out today on the bottom beat Garry the head Ghillie took me to a lovely bit of fly water  and told me his first Tyne Salmon came out of here the Island pot, just at the spot Garry indicated the fly’s  swing was intercepted by great tug and immediately i was into another good fish that played fast and hard and ran out of the pot downstream into the fast water of the head of the Island pool Garry netted it at the edge of the current and it turned out to be another big hen that would have turned the scales at 14lb.

It was landed and released and half an hour later i landed an 8 pounder in the fast run of the Island pool the salmon played extremely well due to the fast water.

The afternoon was very quiet and was blank however salmon were seen in the lower part of Island pool and the Upper Church pools.

Wed 20th. My third and last day and i was back on upper beat, the water had dropped 1 foot since i was on here on Monday, When the water drops off the Island pot and the upper approx 100yds of the Island pool is given to the upper beat, this was good news as this is beautiful fly water that i had great sport on yesterday and would be my allocated pools this afternoon, This morning was blank however salmon were seen in Fishpass pool and Broomhaugh pool, the Broomhaugh involved a long wade in from the right bank and fish were showing right over on the left bank one in particular a good looking fish showing regularly in the tail just where the water began to break up as it ran towards Upper Bridge pool. In the afternoon i landed a feisty 12lb salmon in the fast run of the Island pool again a solid lovely take before a super fight began this run was now showing more boulders and little spots of glassy water now that the river was down a foot shortly after i pulled another salmon 5 yards further down the run.

I came back for an hour in the evening with Ann Cleverly who is my host for my three days at Bywell.  From the same lie that i took the 12lb salmon in the afternoon i landed another 12lb hen salmon a strong superbly deep shaped salmon that’s weight  i fear i may have underestimated, Twenty minutes later 8 yards or so higher up the run i had a solid pull and immediately the rod was bent into another strong fish it was beginning to rain heavily and the light had gone it was almost dusk i managed to drag the salmon in to the handy little shallow bay at the edge of the run that had been very useful for landing the other salmon, and this one was i reckon shaded Mondays  18pounder so my three days ended with a 20lb salmon absolutely brilliant!!!!

For my three days at Bywell i landed Salmon of 20lb,18lb,14lb,14lb,12lb,12lb,8lb, and a Grilse 6lb. some beautiful pools and fantastic quality of salmon.and two very helpful Ghillies, The other three rods in our party fishing the beat the three days i was at Bywell to show the fantastic quality of the fish were William Younger 17lb, Island pool. Bridget Guerin 15lb, Broomhaugh pool. John Cleverly10lb, Meg’s Mill. Benoit Guerin 8lb Meg’s Mill.