Laerdal river Norway


Just had an e mail from good friend Mirabel Helme who e mailed me a couple of photos of her recent trip to Norway to fish on the Laerdal river Mirabel and Family also fish the Alta i would suggest it does not get any better than the Alta and Laerdal.

The original Brookes Sunray shadow salmon fly originated on the River Laerdal known as the Queen of rivers. A couple of photos of Mirabel and son Toby with cracking salmon both of approx 15 kg Mirabel reckons Toby’s was the bigger of the two.

Little Grilse takes me to 1.400 hundred


Finally managed to get one more salmon today, I have only had one salmon in over five weeks i managed a 7.5 lb salmon a couple of weeks ago on a Highland Loch which was my 39th of the season i new if i was lucky enough to get to 40 this season it would be my 1.400th Salmon in my lifetime. I went down on the Kyle today and landed a sea liced 4lb grilse and I followed up with a sea liced 7 pounder and a 2lb Sea trout. So i am really delighted that the little grilse took me to a little personal landmark for myself and great to get it down on Kyle, The Kyle has not been fishing at all well so far this season perhaps its going to show an improvement now.

One from the Langa


I have just had an e mail from from David Theaker who was out fishing the Langa in Iceland. David was delighted with his 16 pounder which is the biggest salmon off the river this year and said it was nerve wracking playing it as the fly that tempted it was Haugar fly size 18 !!! David had eleven others, And congratulations David on becoming a Grandad.