David Theaker have rod will travel


Just had an mail from a pal David Theaker who appears to be touring Scotland with a fishing rod ! David and Di had three salmon off their own beat on the Teviot on their way up to join a party and fish Rothes beat on the Spey where they accounted for another four springers and they are heading for the river Shin next, well done David and Di.

But you being a farmer David is there not fields to be dug and spuds to be planted !!

Three springers on Gledfield beat

I fished over on the Gledfield beat on 18th,Tuesday morning and managed to land a 7lb salmon in the Gledfield pool it was caught on a Collie dog it was was covered in long tailed sea lice. i managed another 7 pounder back over on Cornhill beat on Friday morning.

Over the week on Gledfield beat Graham Grant caught a couple of salmon at 10lbs and 7lbs

Some good spring fishing across the water on Gledfield beat


Mon 10th. Over the week i fished from time to time across the water on the Gledfield beat, The water level on Monday morning was1ft 6 inch the only activity was when Allan Donaldson lost a salmon in the Gledfield pool.


Tue11th. The river level 1ft 9inch Allan Donaldson landed a 10lb salmon in the Gledfield pool, Allan lost another in the Gledfield pool. and Graham Grant lost a salmon in the March pool.

Wed12th.The river level started out at 1ft 9 inch and quickly rose to 2ft 6 inch over the rest of the day the river continually bumped up and down Around 18.00 hrs the river began to rise and the steady rain looked as though it was heading to a big river Callum Beattie landed a 6lb salmon in the Upper March pool. Allan Donaldson landed a 9lb salmon in the Bridge pool Allan also played a good salmon of approx 16lbs to the net before it threw the hook!


Thur13th. The river started out running at 2 ft 7 inch, judging by the debri at the high water mark the river over night must have been around 6ft. Callum Beattie landed a 6lb salmon in the March pool.


Fri14th. The river today was fairly steady at 1ft 1 inch to 1 foot Allan Donaldson landed an 8 pounder in the Gledfield pool and followed up with an 8lb salmon in the March pool both carrying long tailed sea lice Allan lost another salmon in the March pool.

Sat15th. the river level started out at 1ft 8 inch an dropped to about 1ft 6 inch and steadied for most of the day we had frequent heavy rain showers becoming more frequent by late afternoon. Graham Grant landed an 8lb salmon in the Gledfield pool this one had a couple of sea lice on it this was Graham’s first of the season well done Graham.


Allan Donaldson landed an 8lb salmon in the March pool this one had a few long tailed lice Allan also briefly played a salmon in the McGregor pool.

Over the week another 5 salmon were pulled

               Total 8 Salmon