Second Springer from Cornhill beat


Friday 24th I fished Cornhill beat today Friday 24th February the water level was showing 1ft 1inch at 11.00hrs I ended up at the bottom of the beat at 13.00hrs at the Raven pool again scene of Tuesdays success.  Approx 8 yards lower down the pool from where i got the first springer on Tuesday i connected again same type of take and after quite a battle it was a real strong salmon, i was delighted to land a real cracking springer of 14lbs superbly shaped deep shoulders and  unlike the first one this one was carrying a few sea lice.

The same pool almost the same time of day and almost the same lie and to round things off today is my birthday so a real bonus! really pleased.

First salmon from the Kyle rivers


I went over to fish for a couple of hours today to see how i felt after recovering from the flu, the river was up it had been over 3 ft yesterday but i gave it a miss yesterday. Today it was 1ft5 inch at 11.00 hrs it stayed steady then dropped back an inch to 1 ft 4 inch at mid day. I ended up down at the Raven pool at 13.15hrs and was absolutely delighted to land a lovely fresh  8lb Salmon which turns out to be the first salmon of 2017 off any of the Kyle rivers.

It was spanking fresh with the sea lice not long off. After landing the salmon its amazing how much better i felt walking back up from the Raven pool than i had done walking down to it !

River still low ( Three new galleries on Gallery page )


I have had a really terrible flu bug for just over a week so thought i would put some new photos up on web site as i have not felt like doing much else, The river has remained low so i have not really missed much fishing wise. I can not remember a drier December, January, and we are now more than half way through Februaryand it is still dry.  Last year i managed to catch the first fish off the river on 18th February when i took a 10 pounder in the Raven pool  Cornhill.  Hopefully we will get some better conditions soon its very unusual up here at this time of year to be so dry. Three new galleries of photos up in Gallery page – Photos from recent past &  Kyle, and Wildlife.